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Tom Penzer

Coder, builder, fixer

Tom Penzer works as a full-stack web developer, UX/UI designer and product designer near the Silicon Valley in California, USA. In addition to English, Tom speaks fluent French and broken Spanish and Japanese. 

Tom is experienced in a long list of technologies covering design (including Adobe PhotoShop for image retouching, manipulation and composition, Illustrator for vector design, and various open-source alternatives like Gimp and Inkscape), front-end (including HTML, CSS, SASS/SCSS, BEM, JavaScript, SVG creation, animation and sprite compilation, jQuery, Node, Bootstrap, Foundation, npm, yarn, webpack, gulp, casper), back-end (including PHP 7.x/composer, Laravel/Eloquent, SQL, Node, Redis, phpunit) and ops (Linux, bash, zsh, git, editorconfig, linting, ssh, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Docker for both development and production deployment, Kibana/ElasticSearch, Capistrano, SMTP, DNS, network management, Amazon AWS, ECS, RDS, ECR, EC2, S3) facets of web development and deployment.

Tom is always interested in putting his knowledge to use on interesting new projects, and expanding his knowledge of technology. You can use the contact form to reach him.