In these turbulent times of responsive website designs, measurements in pixels have been sacrificed at the altar of mobile-first, only spoken of in hushed tones. Your style guide forbids inline styles, and the deadline for that impressive arrangement of checkboxes and knobs is looming; are you going to have to try getting another random number min-width-220 utility class through code review? Can't someone subvert the system so we can sneak some fixed widths into some markup without anyone looking too closely?

Well your prayers have been heard! In this week's episode of Terrible Ideas Taken Too Far, I present to you, StyleAttributes. Now you can give a width or min-width attribute to a div, set to any number of pixels! 370? 374? No problem! It's a snap to define your very own StyleAttributes; you'll be adding support for your own terrible ideas in no time.

Here's a demo of StyleAttributes in action: StyleAttributes JSFiddle

Disclaimer: you should probably not ever use this in any serious capacity. Using client-side JavaScript to apply CSS styles means that those styles don't take effect until the JavaScript has executed, which will cause things to jump around after initial load. This should be regarded as a toy.